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With drop shipping it’s not necessary to have products in stock. Expensive stock is not needed!

With drop shipping you sell products via a wholesale or drop ship supplier . You put the products from the supplier on your website and decide the selling price , the drop ship supplier then delivers the products directly to your customers.

Stock involves high costs and potential risk , therefore, drop shipping can be an interesting option for many shops.

What are the benefits of drop-shipping

• No inventory costs
• No packing
• Wider product selection
• No logistics and handling costs




We sell Perfumes, Gift sets and Cosmetics and offer a unique drop ship concept . In our drop ship concept you are able to sell quality Perfumes, Fragrances, Hair Extensions, Cosmetics and Gift sets without having to invest in stock or have to worry about packing and shipping.

After years of research and experience, we know that drop shipping only works if you have a good product with a high margin , and if you can deliver quick and free. And of course your marketing strategies is important.

Products: We only sell brand products from Gucci, Dior, L'oreal, Hugo Boss, Armani, Givenchy, Prada and many others. Cosmetics and perfumes are currently the best-selling product on the internet.

Margin: Our drop ship prices are on average 50 % lower than the retail price.

Delivery: We can process orders within 24 hours and work with blank labels . Due to our logistic process your customers will never see that the package is coming from perfumeluxx. 

Marketing : Perfumeluxx can help you with your marketing activities . We have a lot of experience with search engine optimization. We are specialized in SEO, SEA, Adwords and link building. If you decide to sell our products on your website, we will  guide you to a successful and profitable business.




We offer our products in a standard product feed.

You can copy product feed and photo and insert in the platform you want to sell.

 You can sell our products anywhere:

  • Ebay
  • Amazon
  • Facebook
  • Google Plus
  • Twitter
  • Your Website
  • Or on any other website
  • Or direct to Customers

The standard product feed is a CVS file or here on our website.

We offer for free the next services. You can profit from our unique drop ship concept :

  •  Online support via phone and / or chat
  •  Online product catalog in Microsoft Excel file
  •  Support in search engine optimization
  •  High-quality photos in our online catalog
  •  Discounts up to 80 % off the retail price
  •  Only original clothes and accessories with high search volume in Google, Bing, Yahoo
  • You can buy one piece only
  • Personal account manager for support
We offer FREE SHIPPING and we are open for your offers and business proposals.


We accept the affiliate program also. 

We offer discounts also.

Please note that we only work on with serious partners if you are interested in working with us, please contact our customer service or send a email here: "contact@perfumeluxx.com"

Or register yourself on our website within 24 hours you will be contacted by our customer service department.


Our Address:

2201 SW 59th Terrace, West Park, Florida 33023, USA

Phone Usa: 207 710 3546

Phone Int: 1876 454 6395

Email: Contact@Perfumeluxx.com

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