Guide To Fragrance Shopping Online

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Guide To Fragrance Shopping Online


Guide To Fragrance Shopping Online


Perfumes and other fragrance products are always a very good idea as a gift for loved ones, whether for Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's or anniversaries. Moreover, they are also a necessity for everyone who wants to smell good so they are a perfect gift for pampering yourself as well. And since most perfume brands are high quality, irrespective of how you obtain them, whether online or from your high street shop, the real differentiating factor is the cost you are called to pay when buying a perfume.

Getting hold of your favorite scent for less is much easier if you shop online, provided you make sure you check the prices as they change often and that you are careful to shop safely from well established online sellers, avoiding dodgy companies and scammers.

The main reason why the internet is usually the cheapest option when purchasing aftershave, perfume, eau de cologne and eau de toilette, is because online seller simply pile their stock up in warehouses and do not need to spend on pricey shop-fronts and fancy displays to draw the attention of customers. Thus, they are able to sell perfumes cheap.

It would therefore be smart and wise to check if a perfume you are after can be bought online for less, before rushing to your local department store. However, to be able to compare like with like always take a note of the important features of the product such as the size of the bottle and what it is exactly.

Indeed before buying such products, make sure you understand the differences between the different types, as if you are comparing things that are not the same this will falsely lead you to believe that you making huge savings.

As a rough guide, you have to be aware that the weakest the perfume essence in a product the cheapest it is. Moreover, the higher the concentration of perfume essence, the longer the perfume's scent will be likely last and therefore the less you'll need to splash on, compensating, in part, for being more pricey. The style of the fragrance as well as the ingredients used in its making also affect how long the scent will last, so it's perhaps worth experimenting with different types before spending a big amount on a big bottle of a particular product.

In a nutshell, and without delving into too much detail, splash and aftershave have the lowest perfume content and are thus the cheapest products in a range, since the perfume essence can be as low as 1%. Eau de cologne is the next less expensive type, since it usually has 2-6% perfume essence. Eau de toilette is next, at a higher price and a higher perfume content, usually around 10%. Finally, the most expensive type is the eau de parfum, since it typically contains 15% of perfume essence and it is the top of the range product one can buy when it comes to fragrances.

So, always compare like with like to be sure that the price you have found is a genuine bargain and don’t buy a cologne thinking it is a perfume!

In addition, before buying online it is recommended that you check the legitimacy of the site you are buying from and make a note of its return policies and your cancellation rights.

Moreover, search for and take advantage of special sales, discount codes or vouchers that you may come across as these often reduce the cost of your purchase by a large extent.

Also take into account, especially when ordering from abroad, the delivery times involved, especially if you are buying a perfume as a gift for a specific occasion such as a birthday or anniversary and make sure you order well in advance to be able to offset any delivery delays that may occur.

Furthermore, online stores also often feature unboxed perfumes that sell for less and you can buy them for yourself or tie a ribbon around them or gift box on your own, thus making huge savings and still offering a good gift to someone you love. Another smart tip is to check out the various perfume gift boxes on offer, since often buying the entire gift box is more value for money than buying a fragrance on its own.


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