Casio G-Shock Watch Review

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Casio G-Shock Watch Review

Casio G-Shock Watch Review

One of the best-selling items on offer at is Casio’s G-Shock watch. This timepiece is far more than a mere watch and enjoys must respect and affection, while it is rightfully being considered to be the toughest watch on the planet. Durability is its number one characteristic and what makes it extremely popular amongst the most active watch wearers, such as military personnel, athletes, climbers etc.

Back in the early 1980’s, the design team at Casio started their efforts to develop a watch that never breaks. The team was headed by engineer Kikuo Ibe who was seeking to create a watch that could withstand a 10 meter drop, withstand 10 atmospheres of water pressure, and have a battery life of ten years. It was a painstaking endeavor and it took years to finalize the design. What is most interesting is that it was a chance visit to a playground and the sight of a bouncing rubber ball that inspired Ibe to design the shock-resisting system that forms the basis of all G-Shock watches. Moreover, the shock of a fall was also used in order to name the watch G-Shock, with a direct reference to the intent to create a watch that would still be working after the shock of any fall that its wearer would survive from.

The specially designed features that help protect a G-Shock watch from concussions, high G-forces (such as those exerted during car or air racing) and heavy vibrations include, but are not limited to: a hollow case, with soft gel cushioning supporting the timekeeping module and additional cushioning material further protecting vital parts, protection of the buttons and glass through protruding points on the case and bezel that are made of urethane and a specially designed strap that also isolates the actual watch from impacts.

All the above ensure the toughness and durability of the G-Shock but have also meant that the overall look and appearance of this timepiece is rather peculiar. This however, has not put off the many active persons, such as those in security and law enforcement bodies, athletes and adventurers, as well as many street style fans, such as hip-hop stars, who have made the G-Shock their watch of choice throughout its long history.

New features and improvements on the original model have been added on the G-Shock, whose lineup of variants today includes models for divers with 20 atmosphere water resistance, models made of titanium for enhanced endurance, models that are radio-controlled, models with resistance to low temperatures and dirt and mud, models with built-in temperature and pressure sensors, as well as models with Bluetooth connectivity to name but a few.

Since its original appearance on the markets in 1983, the G-Shock has seen sales of over 70 million timepieces, a number that is indicative of its extreme popularity. The sales are further boosted by the fact that there are several lines of G-Shock watches, each with its own set of distinctive features and numerous models are released each year in several of these series, with basic models receiving updates every spring and fall, resulting in the release of a massive number between 100 and 150 new G-Shock models been put up for sale each year.

Exactly because the G-Shock has conquered popularity since its first launching and has managed to capture and maintain the loyalty of many around the world, it also occupies a high rank among the wristwatch models that are highly desirable amongst collectors, especially when it comes to certain limited edition variants of its lines, such as for example the so called Frogman model from the Master of G series. The prices of the collectible G-Shock watches vary considerably according to the model, however, in general terms and when compared to other highly collectible digital timepieces, they still remain affordable and that adds to their appeal among collectors as well.

Beauty has never been the strongest advantage of a G-Shock watch, in fact many even call it an “ugly” timepiece, however its appeal over the entire span of its lifetime has been and continues to be very broad, especially among particular segments of watch wearers, such as the military, law enforcement, first responders, athletes, outdoorsmen and hip-hop artists. Thus, its future appears to be as bright as its past, since it has managed to be elevated from a product into a cultural phenomenon, whose success is as durable as the actual watch itself.


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