Carolina Herrera 212 VIP EDT Spray Review

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Carolina Herrera 212 VIP EDT Spray Review

Carolina Herrera 212 VIP EDT Spray


If you consider yourself as part of the “it” crowd, of the modern party elite and you are looking for a unique scent to own and use, then read on this informative article to find out why and how to buy Carolina Herrera 212 VIP EDT Spray for Men

The first question we are addressing here is why you should buy this masculine fragrance for modern men, that is known as 212 VIP and it is a brand produced by the famous and popular house of Carolina Herrera.  The makers of this unique scent characterise it as “an irresistible elixir of seduction” and this is the main reason why you should make this men’s fragrance your cologne of choice, the fact that it is bursting with charm, confidence and charisma.

The 212 VIP Men was first launched in 2011, following the launch of its female counterpart in 2010. The perfumers behind the truly unique composition of the 212 VIP Men are Emilie (Bevierre) Coppermann and Lucas Sieuzac, who conjured up a powerful, bold and vivid scent that masterfully combines several notes to create a perfume that is memorable and a real head-turner.

Especially suited for wearing during the night-time, to attend a party and stand out from the crowd, the man who wears this scent never goes unnoticed. The brand’s main slogans are "Are you on the list?" and "This is a private party.", both of which reveal that this is a fragrance for the real kind of the party, the charismatic, fun, elegant, sophisticated, desired and envied modern man, who sets his own rules and likes to have fun.

Drawing inspiration from the style and attitude of the New York party elite, the oriental, woody composition of the 212 VIP MEN by CAROLINA HERRERA EDT, consists of the manly and sensual bottom notes of King wood, Salty amber and Tonka beans, the fresh and vivid middle notes of Chilled vodka, Hot ginger and Slice of apple and the gustative and spicy top notes of caviar lime, frozen mint and black pepper, creating an explosive fragrant cocktail that oozes with style and attitude. The same bold attitude is also depicted in the bottle of the 212 VIP MEN by CAROLINA HERRERA EDT, which is a powerful cut block in a shiny silver colour that shines in the darkness of the night.

If after having read the above you feel that 212 VIP MEN by CAROLINA HERRERA EDT is the right cologne for you and would like to spray it for your next outing, then rush to your nearest fragrances store and test out exactly how this scent smells on your own skin. It is advisable that you never buy a perfumerie product of any kind before trying it out first, to see how the scent blends with your own body odour and what the longevity and sillage of the particular perfume is on you.

Provided that 212 VIP MEN by CAROLINA HERRERA EDT turns out to last on your skin and smell as good as would expect it to, then you are ready to make the purchase. However, don’t rush back to the store to buy it, since you will be much better off if you buy it online from a trusted online vendor selling only genuine, branded fragrances, such as for example,, since buying any men’s or women’s perfume online, automatically means that you will be paying less than at a brick and mortar shop because online vendors have less expenses than physical stores and can benefit more from economies of scale, being thus able to offer you  considerably lower prices.

Moreover, shopping online from the comfort of your own home is surely much more enjoyable and convenient than having to look for parking or bear the mumbling of shop assistants, while the perfume will safely arrive to your doorstep, often at no extra cost. For example, at all orders are delivered for free, worldwide!

So, if you have decided to buy a bottle of Carolina Herrera 212 VIP Eau De Toilette Spray for Men then clever and cost effective thing to do is to buy it online. And if you are also able to search for and locate special offers or discount coupons then the saving in the price that you can achieve becomes even greater! Moreover, have in mind that most online perfume vendors also have referral schemes that reward you for referring your friends as customers, meaning you can end up buying your scent of choice even for free! Find out how you can collect points and redeem them in order to be able to enjoy your fragrances for even less, here



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